Build Log: M8 Build begins

//Build Log: M8 Build begins

Build Log: M8 Build begins

The build begins! This project was prompted by a trip to the Armed Forces Military Museum in Largo, Florida. My wife and I stopped by on the way out of town from visiting family this past Thanksgiving. For $50, you could take a ride in an M8 Greyhound. Man oh man, that was fun. Well worth the money!

DSC_1638 - Version 2

I had never really been that excited about the M8 as a modeling subject, but after talking to our driver about the vehicle, I was fascinated. We always hear  about how crews lived in their vehicles, but there’s something experiencing that life first hand that makes the brain go wild. I can’t imagine cramming four men into a vehicle this small. And WOW this thing was much faster and smoother than expected!



As for the build, I wanted to go full out. The Tamiya M8 Greyhound kit I’m using as the base is nice, but very, very simple. I wanted to really detail the holy smokes out of this build. Here’s a list of the kits/add-on sets that will be used:

  • Tamiya M8 Greyhound kit
  • Aber #35A72 – Fenders for M8/20 Greyhound
  • Aber metal barrel
  • Verlinden #1455 – M8/M20 Stowage Compartments
  • Legend M8 Crew
  • Eduard 35200 M8 Greyhound detail set
  • Legend Productions LF1275 M8 Greyhound Stowage Set
  • Minimeca Accesorios 3533 M8 Greyhound tow cable
  • Royal Model 197 US M8 Greyhound detail kit
  • Verlinden 1442 M8/M20 Engine & Compartment
  • Verlinden Productions 1453 M8 Interior & Exterior Update Set (for Tamiya Kit)
  • DefModel DW30025 – M8/M20 Greyhound Wheel Set, Sagged

Pricey build… I better get this right!

To keep up with the build, make sure to watch the portfolio page where I collect up all the build log entries in one location.

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