Sprue Cutters Union #7: My Significant Other

//Sprue Cutters Union #7: My Significant Other

Sprue Cutters Union #7: My Significant Other

This week’s Sprue Cutter’s Union asks:

How does your spouse (significant other) view your hobby?

Quite simply, she’s very supportive. She listens politely when I tell her intricate stories about how I managed to properly sand resin casting plugs without damaging the detail next to it. She has lovingly supported me taking over the office room and turning it into the modeling room. She doesn’t get too irritated when I wait until she falls asleep so I can head back to the workbench. Hell, she even helped my daughter buy me a cool kit for Father’s Day.

Best of all, she doesn’t tease me about this, the nerdiest of pursuits!

I can’t talk about how my wife thinks about the hobby without publicly thanking her for her loving support. She’s far too good to me.

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