The Amazing Moson Model Show

//The Amazing Moson Model Show

The Amazing Moson Model Show

While reading Armorama recently, I came across an amazing photo gallery of the Moson Model Show. The problem was, the images were just too small to pour over every detail. So I reached out to Mario Matijasic who had posted the original images and asked if he’d be willing to post the larger versions. I offered up this space (and my server space and bandwidth) to post them. Check them out over in the gallery:

Moson Model Show Gallery

And if you’re interested in more details about the show, Mario sent me a description. Adding Croatia to the travel wish list for 2015!

Moson Model Show was held in Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary, from 12th till 13th of April 2014. What started as a small local show 18 years ago slowly transformed into a huge international event with about 1500 models displayed this year. The supporting program spurred a lot of interest… not just the fair with numerous companies and dealers offering wide variety of models and modeling products, but also workshops held by some of the big names in the modeling world: Adam Wilder, Chris Jerrett, Fernando Ruiz Ceano, Peter Horváth (Pepe), Jaume Ortiz, Jonatán Monerris Hernández, Jorge Lopez, Kamil Feliks Sztarbala, Kristof Pulinckx, Miguel Jimenez (MIG), Pere Pla, Radek Pituch, Gergő Szaszkó… Amazing experience indeed!

Enjoy the photos,


PS I only took photos that interested me. Hence a lot of figures, AFVs and dioramas, very few planes and no civilian cars, ships, sci-fi, etc. Sorry about that.

Mario Matijasic Senior Editor

The interesting thing to me about this gallery is how much “storytelling” is happening. Look at this diorama or this one or this other one. These are more than just “man on tank” stories. They are rich tapestries that are just fantastic to soak in. It’s a good prompt to up my game!

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