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I am just back in the hobby after 20 years away. I built a ton when I was in high school, won a number of awards, and had a great time. Now it’s time to focus again! My other hobby is photography, so I’m also starting to learn how to do macro, focus stacking, lightbox type photography. I have a fantastic daughter who loves the hobby shop too, and an indoor workshop.

In addition to modeling, I also love photography. Check out my portfolio and photoblog at:  http://look.attheworldwithme.com

This blog is a place to document my modeling fun. There are a great many modeling blogs out there on the web, so I hope I can provide something of value. My goal is to document most of my projects, a few thoughts about the industry, and collect content that might be useful for others in their own projects.


In case you’re interested, here’s my workbench. Don’t you love workbench photos?!? For the full details, read the Epic Workbench post!


My new workbench is a long, long way from my high school workbench!