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Hotel workbench

A few months back, my wife and I returned home from a great out of the country vacation to discover water sitting on our hardwood floors. Never a good things. And if you’ve been through this, you know that fixing such damage is never easy. In fact, our one story, all hardwood floored house had to get a complete floor replacement. You can’t patch it!

My family moved out last week, our stuff packed up in pods on the driveway so that the floors can be replaced. Oh, and we decided to get the house repainted and a few small renovation projects done at the same time. After all, we were moved out so what’s the harm in a few extra days?

Packing up my workbench was an opportunity to rethink my workbench layout. When we move back in, I’ll be considering everything I put back on the workbench and shelving with great specificity. If I don’t need it, it goes somewhere other than direct reach.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on the Trumpeter¬†01527 Sd. Kfz. 7/2 in the hotel. Fortunately, the toolbox of gear I packed for the multi-week hotel stay has paid off pretty well. I forgot a few things, but generally everything I need is handy.

The best thing I did was to bring my lighting gear with me. The hotel room lighting, as you can imagine, flat out sucks. So having decent lighting has made this hotel workbench more tolerable.

I’m hoping to finish the Trumpeter kit by the time we move back into the house. Wish me luck!

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