Scratchbuilding makes you feel like a god

//Scratchbuilding makes you feel like a god

Scratchbuilding makes you feel like a god

In my modeling career, I’ve not done a ton of scratchbuilding. The occasional fix or replacement part here and there, but not full blow scratchbuilding of full units. But this week, I’ve spent several evenings playing around with replacing the poorly molded bench seats for my Sd. Kfz 9 FAMO mit Flak build. It’s not perfect, and I may rebuild this one to get the spacing of the slats better, but I’m feeling pretty great. It’s surprising how creating something out of nothing makes you feel like a modeling god!

img_5982 img_5983

My only disappointment is that try as I might, I couldn’t figure out how to get the “wave” in the bench seat, so I just made it flat instead. (By “wave”, I mean that if you look at it from the side, it’s an S shape)

And so I can remember in the future, I used Evergreen strip and rod in these sizes:

  • Rod #221 – 3/64” diameter
  • Strip #132 – .030 x .040” (wood planks on top)
  • Strip #143 – .040 x .060” (bench supports)
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