Working away….

//Working away….

Working away….

Modeling makes my mind calm. There’s several types of activities that help me pull my brain out of the haze and stress of daily life… photography, video games, etc.┬áBut there’s something about modeling that’s different, I think because it results in a physical creation.

I’ve been working on the Alliance Modelworks FAMO mit Flak conversion for a couple months now, and I banged out the construction of the Takom Mk. 1 Male and Takom Big Bertha kit over the summer. My house is staged for house showings (it’s for sale and on the market), so having a spray booth/painting setup in the model room has been near impossible. Or at least highly inconvenient. So I’ve not done much painting lately.

But that all changed over the weekend. I actually finished construction on the FAMO and primed and rust/primer basecoated the FAMO and Mk. 1.

I never really realized how dang many bottles of paint and various assorted thinners, weathering products, and whatever else goes with the finishing process!

With any luck, I’ll have at least the Mk. 1 finished completely in the next couple weeks…

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